Peppermint Tea


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Flavour – Fresh, minty and zingy

Blend – Peppermint Tea

Brew Time – 2-3 Minutes

Origin – India and Africa

Tips – Keep it dairy free, no milk.

Caffeine Free

Peppermint has been popular for centuries as a herbal remedy, but it is also an excellent herbal tea to enjoy whenever you want a change from tea or coffee, with the added advantage that it is naturally caffeine-free.


Simply put peppermint is fantastic in aiding digestion, reducing nausea and reducing stress. The menthol within peppermint is a natural relaxant helping to reduce anxiety and has anti-spasmodic effects, which help it to treat stomach upsets, stress and menstrual cramps.

Our dried peppermint leaves are kept incredibly fresh in our biodegradable packaging, the clean, fresh flavour will often perk you up when you’re feeling sluggish or bloated.

The special way in which our leaves are dried means we are confident that you’ll prefer this peppermint tea to any you’ve tried before, as our chemical-free process means we preserve more of the freshness and flavour.

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 100 × 30 cm
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