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Grizzlys Breakfast Tea – Decaf


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Flavour – Strong, rich, full-flavoured tea

Blend – Assam

Brew Time – 2-3 Minutes

Origin – India and Africa

Tips – Best with milk

All day tea, made for adventure


Grizzly’s breakfast tea is our house blend, strong, rich and full of flavour, with a malty character from the best Assam teas we use in the blend. Grizzly’s blend is made especially for adventure, where the extreme conditions might make it otherwise difficult to brew the perfect cup. Grizzly’s will never go bitter so brew it as strong as you like.

At just 3000m water boils at 90 degrees that’s not hot enough to brew a normal cup of tea, which is why Grizzly’s is formulated to brew at lower temperatures meaning you get the perfect cup on any adventure.

A strong and refreshing blend of teas makes this cup a perfect all day tea, waking you in the morning or relaxing at tea time, without the bitter taste associated with that traditional cup of ‘builder’s tea’.

Our decaf tea packs all the punch and flavour without the high caffeine content

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