Privacy Policy

We hate baffle, so the simple privacy policy is here. The Legal one is below this.

We collect your details for use in mailing your order to you, this includes Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. We don’t sell, auction or give away your details. We never will, and our website uses the latest security to protect your details. We only use these details to send you products you order or have won, we may send you promotional emails. You can unsubscribe from these at any time at the bottom of the email.

We don’t collect your payment details, credit or debit cards. We use PayPal only.

We use standard website cookies, to track customers journey through our site so we can make it more efficient for you to find the products easier, we cant identify you from the cookies. We also use google analytics to see generic data about our customers like gender, sex and geographic location, we use this information to be better at marketing to the people who want to find us. People who love great tea and coffee.

If you have any specific questions or with to be removed from our system please send us an email or use the contact us page.

thank you

The Grizzly Team