Here is a brief guide on how to make coffee with a pour over filter. This method works by pouring hot water over the ground and letting it drip through the grinds slowly and naturally enabling it to extract the flavour.

What you need…

  • A dripper
  • A filter
  • Coffee
  • A timer with seconds

Brewing method

  • Place the filter into the dripper and rinse through to reduce the paper taste
  • Add coffee (around 20g of fresh ground coffee)

  • First pour – pour the boiling water gently over all the grounds until they are fully submerged. Using the stopwatch let the coffee bloom for 15 seconds

  • Pour the rest of the water altogether, you should use around 120z (around 1 1/2 cups)
  • Drain – let the water flow through the coffee filter

  • Look for a smooth, flat top on the coffee left once finished. This is a sign of good extraction.