Can i just throw my tea bags and packets in the woods?2017-10-24T11:48:59+01:00

No. Grizzly’s believe in LNT (Leave No Trace). You should always take your rubbish home with you, and minimise your impact on the areas you visit.

Do you roast your own coffee?2017-10-07T12:28:21+01:00

The quick answer is no, but the explanation is simple. We use a local coffee roaster whos sole job is roasting coffee, which means care, love and expertise go into every batch. It also means its really fresh coffee, and we are investing in our local community. We have worked with our roaster to develop aromatic and great tasting blends and we are always experimenting to bring out new flavours.

How is your packaging biodegradable?2017-10-07T12:24:18+01:00

Our stand up tea pouches are made with 45-65% renewable wood pulp starch, these biodegradable pouches will compost in around 3 months once in a composting environment.

Even our mailing bags are biodegradable and recyclable this makes our packaging about 50% more expensive, which is why many companies won’t take this step, but we think its worth it to help keep the planet we love a bit greener.

Were does your tea come from?2017-10-07T12:13:14+01:00

Our tea comes from all over the world, we use high-grade quality tea and only work with members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

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