As adventurers, spending our days walking, climbing, surfing, riding, running, swimming, jumping, scrambling, (stop for a breath) cooking, laughing, singing, dancing and sitting. Starting the day (or stopping) for that all important tea and coffee break was always on the schedule. A moment, to enjoy your surroundings and each others company.

The trouble was, the coffee wasn’t fresh enough, it wasn’t portable and instant coffee just doesn’t do the trick. Tea didnt have a distinct flavour, and it went bitter. So, we decided enough was enough. We decided we can do it better, by sourcing the best tea and coffee, from sustainable and responsible sources with our partners we have created the most amazing adventure enhancing blends. Suitable for the outdoors, in packaging that not only kept it fresh but was better for the environment by being biodegradable and recyclable.

Numerous meetings, tasting sessions (yum) and research on the packaging means we have been able to develop something we are very proud of. Not only that but something we will seek to continually improve, keep our processes green and give back to our community.

We use a very talented local business to roast and package our coffee to order, we keep very low stock so it’s always fresh and not on our shelves for months. The tea comes from a local family merchant who uses traditional packaging methods. Then, we take a trip around the corner to our local postmistress who stamps it all for us and posts it out to you. This return and investment in our community is not the cheapest way, but its the right way. It’s the Grizzly Way.

So come and join our adventure, be adventurous too and share your story with us. Let’s all be adventures.